Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Lego Movie Pencil Case and 4-pack Erasers set

Found these Lego stationery items on clearance at Target. Figured my nephew will enjoy them since he loves playing with Lego.

For its bulk, the pencil box has a pretty small holding capacity, Its shallow bottom can hold a handful of pens or pencils, a few erasers, and perhaps a wedge pencil sharpener. It works well as an organizing tray on my inclined drawing board. Suitable storage for a very compact sketching kit or a few knick-knacks.

If thrown inside a carrying bag, you might want to use a rubber band to keep it tightly closed. Its snap closure works, but is not particularly strong. These novelty plastic pencil cases are fairly sturdy, but can only hold a few tools. Worth getting if you find them on sale.

The eraser blocks work well enough and look very much like a regular 8-stud regular Lego brick. They are not stackable since their bottom is pretty flat with no holes. Nice novelty gift for Lego fans.

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