Sunday, July 27, 2008

Crayola Paint Brush Pens: Another new coloring tool for kids

Got a new set of Crayola Paint Brush Pens to test, yaaay!!! Their "No Drip" design proofed to be quite effective, so there were no messy leaking accidents (like we did when trying the Bienfang Watercolor Brush System with a faulty seal on a Cadmium red brush pen, and their permanent paint making them somewhat less suitable for children).
They performed well while drawing freehand sketches. Paint flowed freely from the brush tips with no pressure needed. No rinse water cups required, so they can be taken for quick painting on-the-go on a moment's notice!
Fun for quickly filling coloring pages while practicing brush control instead of wearing down more expensive sable brushes on the early experimental stages.
Might be nice if they were available as more than 5 color sets. This time we had a set of 10 Tombow dual brush pens to expand the basic palette and provide a few more color choices.
So easy to grip and use with small hands, than also the hyper little one sat still long enough to create her own masterpiece of blue smiley faces. Recommended mess-free portable self-contained coloring brush pens for budding artists.

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MrsNedeff said...

Your little models are FANTASTIC!