Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Crayola True to Life crayons first impression: You can never have enough crayons!

Recently spotted this new Crayola "True to Life" crayons at craft stores and local retailers. This carded set of 8 twistable tri-color crayons is a fun compact coloring kit that packs one important lesson: "Fire isn't just red, it has shades of orange too!" Beginning artists tend to use a single crayon to represent a color they think they see in nature ending with flat colored pictures with little visual interest. In real life, the color of most objects can be best represented by overlaying and combining closely related primary shades with a secondary color for highlights. These tri-color crayons take out the guesswork of choosing the more harmonious useful color combinations and provide a convenient palette to breath life and visual punch to kids' drawings.
The left side of the third coloring test was sketched using the "True to Life" crayons while the right side was done using single colored crayons. Thus with the same amount of effort, kids can create livelier pictures while learning to reach greater coloring depth by mixing colors. While I still have to get this set in the hands of our prime tester (Nicole), I would not hesitate to recommend it as a treat to any crayon-loving kid.

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