Sunday, August 3, 2008

Watercolor tip for kids: Give kids big brushes to experiment wet-on-wet painting

Perhaps due to cost considerations, we might needlessly deprive kids from quality painting tools that could speed up their learning process and improve their understanding of wet-on-wet watercolor painting techniques. It doesn't have to be so since with a keen eye and some web browsing, it's possible to find artist grade squirrel hair round brushes at great discounts online. Equipped with some generous supply of pigments like a set of Faber Castell Albrecht Durer aquarelle sticks or another watercoloring kit, kids can be set free to explore the creative possibilities afforded by a large round mop brush loaded with juicy paint that can quickly cover big areas and smoothly blend colors. In no time, they can start painting landscapes from their imagination and from observations of nature.

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