Monday, August 4, 2008

Another New Crayola crayons set review: Adding some neon visual punch to any crayons collection

Picked a new set of coloring tools when I spotted them on sale at Target: Crayola Twistables extreme colors ultra-bright twistable crayons . These crayons are quite strong and crumble very little under pressure producing very bright fluorescent colored patches. This set of 8 is quite a convenient way of adding visual punch and excitement to any collection of coloring crayons. The entire color palette is displayed in the picture below along with a few coloring samples that combine also some True to Life twistable crayons and Caran D'Ache Neocolor I crayons. "Lemon Glacier" in particular pops out just like a fluorescent yellow highlighter, and it was used on the energy sword, fairy wing, and dragon breath.
Had to go with a digital photograph since the bright fluorescent colors were not picked up by my scanner. Recommended fun kit that would also be ideal for decorating greeting cards and enhancing signs.

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