Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bookstores' Colored Pencils

Picked up an inexpensive set of 24 short colored pencils (3 3/8" long) neatly packaged in a Kraft tube at Borders. Its compact size make it suitable for field sketching and ideal for long car trips with the kids.
Already had a set of large colored pencils from Barnes and Noble artist supplies section in my studio collection.
Both sets are unpainted which lends them a rather distinctive look laying down on a drawing table, but in practice it slows down color selection while working with them. Always a good idea to make color charts of new coloring sets on a sketchbook for future reference of their actual hue and intensity on the paper.
The smaller pencils' swatches were slightly more saturated, but neither set was particularly bright like professional artist pencils. Sets of these student grade art supplies are useful as starter sets for fledgling artists and to keep their younger siblings entertained once they switch to artist grade supplies.

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