Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Fantasy Cartooning" study sketch

"Action! Cartooning" and "Fantasy Cartooning" are two of my favorite reference books that I keep in the permanent library next to my drawing table. I enjoy the content and teaching style of Ben Caldwell's Cartooning books a lot, and even submitted short reviews for both of them at Amazon. I feel they are quite accessible to young budding artists for their easy-to-follow sequential layouts filled with quick targeted pointers on character and monsters' design. Ben Caldwell's model drawings are rendered in a simple and attractive classic American animation style with some Disney influences.
At the library courtyard, I did this study sketch after the Amazons lesson on page 31 of "Fantasy Cartooning". The character stance was changed slightly, added a background, and even included a couple of lizards that were sunbathing by the fountain. If compared to the original model, it would be clear that they look somewhat different. Beginner Artist Tip: When studying any reference books do not obsess over trying to copy the original exactly (if the object of the exercise was a to make a perfect copy, one might as well use a digital camera or Xerox machine), you would be better off focusing on one or two issues you are trying to improve in your own drawing technique and enjoying the sketching process. As you practice how to achieve certain effects or create an specific look, your accuracy and likeness rendering skills will develop naturally at your own pace.

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