Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kids weekend art workshop

Got to try the new sets of Crayola Twistables Extreme Colors and True to Life crayons.
Setting an example for kid sister.
Enjoying the Blick Portable studio and the new crayons.
The Winsor Newton Arun Table Easel is just the right scale for budding artists to explore a variety of coloring media on the living room coffee table.
The Intus #8 pastel holder is also a handy tool for using pieces of Caran D'Ache Neocolor I crayons, for its clutch mechanism can be operated by small hands. While it allows the effective use of pieces too small to hold comfortably, it can also be used with whole crayons to prevent them from melting in warm hands during long drawing sessions.
Following elder sister's example and drawing with their new Crayola crayons.
Neocolor I way crayon drawing of butterfly and flower.
Just a bit of Mermaid coloring page fun.
Since the weather was so nice, we took the watercolor session outside to the patio table. The chosen coloring media were the Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer aquarelle sticks that can be used either dry as regular crayons or as convenient watercolor pans.
Adult supervision is always required when allowing children to explore potentially messy media like watercolors, bucket of cleaning water, and brushes.
Aquarelle sticks' large size makes it really easy to pick up lots of juicy color with a 1/4" flat brush for colorful watercolor doodles.
After all these art fun activities, almost forgot to complete the homework due the following day. Might have been better to make sure all homework was done before starting the weekend art workshop.
The short natural wood 5.6 mm leadholder is a comfortable kid-sized writing and drawing tool.
Nicole's current drawing symbol for "Rose".

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