Sunday, December 28, 2008

Family and Art supplies a beautiful combination on the Holidays!

Art supplies make great gift choices! what better way to start a new art journal than with some portable drawing and coloring kits.
Good time to try out some of the tools in other relatives' sketching kits. Trying out the Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto multi pen.
Keeping busy with watercolor pencils before dinner.
Trying out their new Faber Castell Gel sticks: which can be best described as watercolor crayons with the consistency of make-up lipstick.
Enjoying this near mess-free watercolor format.
Monoprint butterfly: 1) Fold letter size cardstock in half and open it flat, 2) Draw body on the middle folding line, 3) Draw wing pattern with Faber Castell Albrecht Durer aquarelle sticks on one side, 4) Moisten watersoluble crayon marks lightly with a water loaded Holbein Watercolor Atomizer Bottle, 5) Fold shut and press firmly to print second wing, 6) Open and allow to dry before any touching the butterfly if so desired.Doodling with aquarelle sticks.
More monoprint fun. The light blue pen was not the best choice for the body outline since it's not very visible and not waterproof.
Doodling on paper plates suitable fun for all ages. Just have enough markers handy and a free stack of paper plates (boy, was mom mad when she couldn't find some to pack the leftovers, oops!)
Showing off a puppet origami bunny.

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