Sunday, February 8, 2009

A few free-style drawings and some colored sketches

Shared a set of 15 Caran D'Ache Neocolor II crayons, plain white card stock, and some leftover coloring pages with lil' cousin Caro, Boris, and my nieces Nicole & Camila.
First pass at coloring the mermaid page.
Caro's cute cartoon gag rendition of a raccoon's late night encounter with a vehicle in a highway.Switching to coloring the dragon sheet.
While some boys balk at coloring the mermaid, the dragon was popular with both boys and girls.
Cute heart symbol used by Nicole on a surprise greeting card.
Her original birthday card design.
Nicole's free-style drawing of a whimsical family of aliens.
Drawing in the stylized stone mountain texture.
Proving that there's no age limit for enjoying crayons, Caro just had to join in the coloring fun!
For her second pass at the dragon sketch, Nicole added several creative details to the basic dragon outline: a castle under siege at the base of the rock mountain, a second fireball, a couple of storm clouds, and lightning.
Camila's colored version of an early mermaid and friends doodle.
Camila's free-style drawing of a person wearing sunglasses conforms to the typical stick figures for her age group.
Nicole's first colored version of the mermaid sketch.
Taking another stab at the mermaid sketch with a different color palette.
Though unfinished, I really like her choice of greens and consistent color selection on her third version.

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