Saturday, February 7, 2009

More Manga Sketching: Tons of mermaids and dragons

I had a blast this Saturday sketching for the kids at the The von Liebig Art Center Free family day. The most popular sketch request was probably Mermaid drawings for the girls and Dragons drawings for both boys and girls. Couple of the more unique requests were a drawing of roaches and a drawing of a mermaid with her puppy mermaid (that one was a first).
With all the excitement, I forgot to count how many drawings I was able to doodle over the 4 hours event, but judging by how empty my paper box ended up it was probably close to 70 quick sketches.
For those interested in the materials used, I relied mainly on a set of Sakura Pigma Sensei Manga Drawing set and a Faber Castell 4 Pitt Artist Pens Manga Drawing Set on 110 lb white card stock. Their pigmented black ink is both archival and waterproof, so the sketches are fairly light-fast and can be safely colored with watercolors.
When drawing so many sketches upon request, it's probably best to stick to the larger pen sizes to keep up the pace and produce bold outlines. I only needed to use the extra fine XS Pitt nib for writing in the name on the dog tag of a couple of puppies.
The 0.6 mm bullet tip ink nib and 1.0 mm bold tip felt nib of the Pigma Sensei were noticeably worn down by the end of the day since they were used most often, but they still perform quite well producing clearly defined dark lines.
Just in case you missed the Mermaid or Dragon coloring pages from the display table, I'm posting both files below.
Dragon Coloring page drawn with Pigma Sensei 1.0 mm pigment marker pen.
Mermaid Coloring Page drawn with Pigma Sensei 0.6 mm pigment marker pen. The following are a few scans from my display easel portfolio.
This coloring page was colored with Faber Castell Albrecht Durer watercolor pencils.
Faces drawn with pigment liners and colored with aquarelle sticks washes.
Faces drawn with pigment liners and colored with markers.
Robot guard coloring page drawn with Pigma Sensei 0.4 mm pigment marker pen.
Coloring page of Forest Ranger and feathered friends.
As promised, here is the other coloring page for the Forest Ranger 2.
Couple of mermaids drawn with pigment liners. Feel free to print it for reference or for some coloring fun.
Graphite sketch of a Manga face: big eyes, pointy chin, and small mouth rendered in a style often found in Shojo-manga (Japanese comics for girls).
Thanks for stopping by and hope you find some of the information on this blog useful in your path to learning more about manga sketching and my preferred art materials. Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

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