Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Screen Printing Lesson at The von Liebig Art Center

Not too shabby for my first attempt at paper stencil screen printing. I was quite excited to experience the screen printing process first hand. Gaining a better understanding of Andy Warhol's methods used to create his famous print portfolios series should give me a tad more confidence while conducting upcoming docent tours for school groups.
The first and more time-consuming step was to carefully tape the 4 sides of the screen with waterproof blue artist tape to define the printing area and create a double wide area for the paint reservoir at the top of the screen where it hinged with the base. The first color print was of the entire printing area: a blue rectangle and set to dry. The blue-stained screen was then removed from the base by pulling off the hinge pins first and washed at the sink. After drying the screen with a blow dryer, the screen printing assembly was put back together this time with a cut paper stencil placed right under the screen to print its pattern on the original blue rectangle print. I picked red and yellow for my second printing color and allowed them to mix right on the paper for a fiery orange effect.
The instructor, Kim Willis, had all the screen prints and printing supplies needed set up and well-organized to smoothly guide us through our first screen printing lesson. Check out The von Liebig Art Center's website for info on her upcoming workshops.
Big heavy on the printer's paint application. Had to blow dry it a bit before carrying it back home on my car.
Wet prints on drying rack.
The first 2 dried prints. Still have to go back to the Art Center to pick up the other 4 prints which I plan to enhance with some hand coloring, complementary designs, and silver paint accents. It should be fun.

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