Saturday, April 4, 2009

A few suggested Manga Drawing introductory supplies

Basic Sketching Kit
- HB
wooden pencil or 0.7 mm mechanical pencil.
- Spare 0.7 HB-2B mm leads.
- Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser or Pilot Foam eraser.
- Basic set of black pigment liners (4): small, fine, medium, and brush nibs.
Faber Castell Pitt Artist #232 & #272 Light grey III for shadows.
- Some letter size printer paper or a Sketchbook for daily practice and some white card stock or heavier paper for special projects.
Expanded coloring options
- Faber Castell Pitt Artist #132 Light Flesh pen for basic skin tone.
- Faber Castell Shonen Manga Set of 6 coloring brush pens:
Pink Carmine, Orange Glaze, Dark Naples Ochre, Permanent Green Olive, Phthalo Blue, and Purple Violet.
- Faber Castell Shojo Manga Set of 6 coloring brush pens: Scarlet Red, Dark Chrome Yellow, Light Green, Cobalt Green, Sky Blue, and Crimson.
Optional but nice to have close by when drawing
- Wooden art manikin of articulated action figure for drawing reference.
- Mirror to use yourself as a model for different facial expressions.
There are many options out there for drawing and coloring materials, so we are going to try to come up with a basic art supplies kit optimized for Manga sketching. For the most basic and compact kit: get a pencil, eraser, and perhaps a nice gel pen for inking your initial doodles. For wooden pencils, the Tombow Mono 2B is a fairly good choice that is not too hard to find online. For a more practical portable choice that does not require constant sharpening, try a 0.7 mm mechanical pencil. The Staedtler Mars plastic eraser is gentle on most papers and widely available, so it would be a reliable choice to complete the basic sketching kit. While a gel pen might be fine for some preliminary doodling, they are limited by the uniform line width that they produce. Thus, lets look for other inking alternatives:
The Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens basic black set (with 4 pen nib sizes: S, F, M, B) is quite useful for inking and outlining just about everything: like accurately depicting a sense of depth (closer objects are drawn with bolder thicker lines while objects that recede away from the viewer are drawn with thinner lines), and distinguishing organic materials from synthetic or metallic ones (for example using the brush nib to render the varying widths of organic shapes, and using the uniform width pens to render mechanical constructs) .
To increase the range of expression of the basic Manga sketching kit, the Warm Grey III and #132 Light Flesh Pitt brush pens are useful for shading skin and organic subjects while the Cool Grey III brush pen is useful for shading metallic surfaces of machinery. Both of these light Greys IIIs mix nicely with the color Pitt brush pens to create different tones.
For even greater coloring depth and visual punch, try adding a "Shonen-Manga for boys" or "Shojo-Manga for girls" Faber Castell Pitt Artist 6-pens set to your basic sketching kit. Or even better get both sets for a more versatile 12 colors-palette during the coloring stage.Another coloring alternative would be to use a set of Pentel Color Pens for basic coloring and even drawing in color, complemented with a couple of Faber Castell Pitt Big Brush Artist Pens in #132 Light Flesh and a light Grey for faster coverage of large areas.
The Canson Fanboy Manga 150 lb Drawing paper is a good support that works well with all the pigment pens and coloring options we have discussed. The #132 Light Flesh Pitt Artist brush pen smoothly lays down even color swatches on this paper surface with minimal streaking.

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