Sunday, April 5, 2009

Manga Color Sketching Step-by-Step Demo

The 0.7 mm mechanical pencil was used to sketch a few random Manga characters. The 0.7 mm HB graphite lead is reasonably strong and does not break as easily as the 0.5 mm leads.
Laying down some basic shadows with the Cool Grey III and Warm Grey III Pitt Artist brush pens.
Using the Faber Castell Pitt Artist pens (Shonen Manga palette) to lay down the base colors of the hair and outfit, and reserving the Light Flesh #132 to color the basic skin tone.
The smallest nib size S Faber Castell Pitt Artist pigment liner pen was chosen to outline the delicate facial features.
Using the intermediate nib size F Faber Castell Pitt pigment liner pen for the sweater and hair strands.
Rendering the figure's bold exterior outline with the Faber Castell Pitt Artist black pen.
Tidying up and filling in some missed spots from the earlier rough coloring stage.
Finished sample sketch. In this sketching approach the original pencil marks still show through some of the lighter translucent color areas like the forehead. For a cleaner finished look, modify the sequence of steps: 1. draw the pencil outline > 2. ink with pigment liners from smallest to largest nib > 3. render bold exterior outline with brush pen > 4. clean ink outline by erasing all remaining visible pencil marks with a plastic eraser > 5. Color the black and white sketch after allowing the black outlines to dry (or color over a photocopy to try different color combinations) > 6. Add some shadows with the Cool and Warm Grey III Pitt pens.

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