Sunday, May 24, 2009

Class reminder: Sketch everyday gang!

Filling pages with manga-style pencil doodles using a 0.5 mechanical pencil loaded with a B lead (which creates a nice dark line similar to a black gel pen) and a 2 mm leadholder loaded with an F lead (which retains its sharp point longer and works well for gradated shading).
When doing these daily practice doodles do not spend much time planning nor worrying about making a perfect finished picture, just start doodling faces, random patterns, favorite subjects, and fill both sides of the sheets to maximize your practice area. Take note of what you like, which of your manga symbols work as intended, and what needs improvement to more clearly convey your visual message. Keep the sketching habit every day during the summer break, and you will rewarded with greater confidence in your drawing skills and increased speed by the time the next school year starts.

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