Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lesson 5 of Manga Cartooning Workshop Photo Journal

A few illustrations of cartoon versions of some students were used to demonstrate the effects of the different drawing pens from the classroom sketching kits.
The first illustration was drawn using a single 0.4 mm pigment pen with no line variation. Thus in order to convey different textures, a fish-net pattern was used to darken some parts of the character's costume.
This second drawing was made with a selection of pigment pens of different line widths plus a warm and cool gray brush pens to give a stronger sense of volume to this energetic character type.
Another drawing made with the same larger selection of sketching pens.

Quick pen drawing of age-progressed Naruto's Team 7 characters used to illustrate the concept of Dōjinshi.
New student's baseline drawings.

Some student drawings that used previous class reference material for inspiration.
Working on the projection board right next to the reference image.
Student's skillful Manga interpretation of the Mochica Crab Centipede monster concept.
The student here first drew a set of Manga eyes, and then drew this character around them.
Drawing a Manga character based on a photo reference of fellow student projected on the classroom board.
Work in progress showing a fellow student as a fairy type character.
Drawing a Manga heroine type.
Student using some reference material to draw his very own Kaiju (Japanese Giant Monster).

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