Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wonderful free online resource for budding cartoonists

While the classic reference book Figure Drawing for all it's worth by Andrew Loomis can be rather hard to find these days, there are many online resources available for free for budding artists seeking sound reference texts on the fundamentals of art. One fine example would be this specialized blog Comicrazys that features many wonderful study reference materials like the Famous Artists Cartoon Course. They might looked dated by todays' standards, but the concepts that they cover so clearly are universal. If you open your mind and apply yourself to these lessons, your artistic skills will improve faster than by puttering by yourself without any guidance.
Couple of Manga-style illustrations inspired by Loomis' lessons on drawing the human figure in perspective. Rule of thumb when drawing figures of similar height under the horizon line: if both figures are standing at different distances from the viewer in 1-point perspective, they would both be drawn at the same number of head lengths below the horizon line.If the horizon line crosses through figures of similar height standing at different distances from the viewer, it would cut through both at the same point in their bodies. In this illustration the horizon line crosses through the necks of both standing figures, so we know that they would be shown as having the same height if they were drawn standing side by side on another panel.

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