Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ongoing Manga Cartooning Workshop Photo Journal

All the manga cartooning supplies laid out for the students' after-school program.
From the instructor's desk station, one can easily switch from displaying live drawing demonstrations, Power Point slide show presentations, and playing relevant support Anime videos on DVD and VHS.
Students can work with dry-erase markers directly on the photo references projected on the board. This feature facilitates making the connection between realistic photo reference and the process of manga cartooning abstraction.
Working on their drawings with some Anime projected on the board for inspiration.
Penciling a sci-fi female character.
Magical girl character sketch.
Pencil drawing inspired by some reference video game conceptual art.
Creating their own characters. After drawing for an hour and a half after school, we still have a pretty happy group by the end of class.

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