Friday, July 31, 2009

Some Lecture notes for my upcoming Manga Cartooning Class

Used a Pentel EnerGel® Deluxe Retractable 0.7mm metal tip liquid gel roller pen on Georgia Pacific white card stock to sketch this batch of note pages for my cartooning class.Warm-up doodle page example: drawing simple geometric shapes like the circle, square, and triangle. Then drawing how they might look stretched, squashed, or placed at an angle to the viewer. Then drawing how they might look in space when blown into 3-dimensional objects like spheres, boxes, and pyramid shapes.
To improve your manual dexterity and confidence in your doodling skills, sometimes it is easier to start constructing random robots with basic geometric shapes like boxes, spheres, cylinders, and cones. There are no rules on how a robot should look, so it takes the pressure of "drawing them right" from the get go. Just string together a few building blocks to create your own robots resembling people or other robot types from cartoons and movies.
We all start doodling different symbols for the human depending on the development of our ability "to see", degree of eye-hand coordination, and how much effort we put into improving our drawing skills. If you already like to draw, do so as often as you can. Periodically ask yourself what parts of your drawing do you need to change or adjust to improve their accuracy or increase the effectiveness of your visual communication skills.
Different styles of stick figures and basic manikin sketches to lay the groundwork for the creation of human characters.
Doodling a few potential hair styles for female characters.
Constructing and drawing faces.
Using basic geometric shapes and numbers to construct different fantasy creatures from scratch.
Designing your own rangers - trying out different helmet and armor designs for a "sentai" (Power Ranger-style) character.
Possible inspiration material and basic visual symbols to create fantasy creatures and monsters by combining them or changing their natural scale.
Drawing inspiration from nature to construct fantasy creatures and give them a greater sense of believability.
Examples of setting the mood in different types of environment by using your own visual symbols and special effect lines.
Sample comic book page layout in a landscape format.

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