Thursday, July 23, 2009

Drawing "Secrets": a few Shonen Manga drawing tips for my bulletin board

Came up with a few tips and sketching sample sheets for my bulletin board at the Boys & Girls Club.
Tip sheet on creating Sentai rangers and Kaiju monsters.
An example of a "Super Sentai" team of 3 rangers with their animal totems hovering above them.
A few approaches to creating "Crazy Critters" (think of them as potential monster creatures for boys' stories or magical guardian creatures for girls' stories) : (I) Combine different animal traits into a single creature to form a chimera-type critter, (II) combine a human, an animal, imaginary creature with elemental forces (fire, ice, lightning, wind, lava, etc.) for more powerful critters, & (III) combine a human body with different animal parts to create fantastic critters like the ones often described in Greek and Egyptian mythologies (mermaids, centaurs, harpies, gorgons, and severeal beast-headed deities like Anubis and Horus). In fact a potential interesting creative challenge, would be to come up with your own interpretations of classical myths like technologically enhanced futuristic versions of the Twelve Olympians (Greek Pantheon).
An "S" shape is a good starting point for sketching a basic dragon body.

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