Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weekend Art Camp for my nieces

Camila with her new box of 28 Elmer's 3D Washable Paint Pens. When planning and organizing art activities for kids keep in mind the space available, number of kids, and make sure to secure non-toxic art supplies.
Nicole sitting at my drafting table happy as can be with a fresh supply of drawing and coloring tools for the weekend. With close supervision, children can be allowed to explore their creativity with safe artist grade materials.
Putting the finishing touches on her first sparkling glue picture.
Sunny day sketch.
The sparkling color glues dry leaving a raised relief effect.
Drawing with sparkling glue pens sure is fun. Just keep a wet towel handy for spot clean up in case of spills.
Almost done!
Camila drawing with Derwent Coloursoft pencils.
Finished "Fairy Garden".
Developing her own teaching plan for her "Math, Bones, and Crazy Critters" class.
Examples of "Crazy Critters" would be the Indonesian winged frog decorating a wall or a mermaid like the one drawn above.
"Studying" closely a couple of G.I. Joe plastic ninjas and Schleich horses that I keep handy for quick visual reference.
Working on a surprise comic book story in her blank Canson Manga mini comicbook.
Manikin sketch done with Tombow Dual brush pen markers.

Nicole's character designs drawn with markers and colored with Derwent Coloursoft pencils.


mabs said...

uh oh. glue! with sparkles! i've never seen them before. (i feel old and wobbly now.) i'm placing an order for a set for my nieces to use. thanks for this!

B2-kun said...

You are welcomed. These sparkling glue pens were new to me as well. Back in school, I remember buying pouches of assorted colored glitter that I would stick to cardboard with regular white glue for different paper craft projects.

mabs said...

my sister does this now with her kids, using paper/styrofoam plates each for glue and assortment of glitter. very, very messy. she'll be glad to get these.