Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Artscool Manga Cartooning at The von Liebig Art Center - Photo Journal of day 5

Judging by these two portraits of yours truly drawn by students, it dawned on me that my cartooning classes in their current format might be a better fit with younger students (5-10 years old). The sample above was drawn by one of my Middle School students at the Boys & Girls Club, and the colorful marker sketch below was done by one of my younger Artscool students at The von Liebig Art Center.

Our last mini art contest on character design was used to foster students' creativity and decide who got to request a custom drawing first. The guidelines were either draw a "Chinese warrior girl" or draw "a character of the opposite gender" (meaning girls could draw boy or girl characters, but boys could only draw girl characters - a sly way to encourage them to try drawing a couple of girls instead of their preferred monsters, robots, and warriors)
To encourage a student's imagination I drew this werewolf kaiju (Japanese Giant Monster) on the left side of the page and asked him to complete the other half. He came up with his version of a fire-breathing hydra dragon discussed on a previous lesson.
Sakura Pigma Sensei pigment liner sketch.

A couple of the cartoon portraits drawn for the students.
Big thanks to our enthusiastic team of volunteers thanks to whom Artscool classes ran so smoothly. Their support was invaluable in providing personalized attention to all the students. They also graciously served as judges for our impromptu mini art contests.

A few more samples of the art works produced by a gifted volunteer and the dedicated students.
During the students' snack break, I managed to give a quick private tour of the Kathy Spalding exhibit at the Watson Gallery for my cousin and nieces.
If you are in Naples between July 25th and September 12th, I would highly recommend checking out the Kathy Spalding: the Rookery Bay Continuum exhibition which showcases for the first time to the public the original 120-foot watercolor and several life size bronzes of Florida Wildlife and natural environments. You will be amazed by the amount of fine detail this talented artist accomplishes in both mediums. This is quite an inspiring display that lends itself well for a quick sketchcrawl.

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