Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Suggested reference materials for boys

Quick tip for my local readers and past students, I spotted a few copies of "Let's Draw Manga Transforming Robots by Yasuhiro Nitta - PLEX" marked down to $3.99 at the Borders on US 41 in North Naples. Not a bad deal for budding artists that could use a couple of pointers on sketching and building their own robots in the tradition of Gundam and Power Rangers Zords.
Shonen Jump magazine is also an inexpensive source of inspiration that showcases multiple manga story lines designed for boys by different artists. This anthology format is reminiscent of the common Japanese model of manga distribution and provides a good sampling of popular manga stories. This magazine's larger format allows an easier appreciation of the panel drawings that are typically shrunk in the manga collection digests.
Tip for Parents: Remember to check your local library video and manga collections for further free inspiration for your kids, but be careful in selecting appropriate titles for the different age groups. There is a lot of manga out there, and each title was created with a specific target demographic in mind. Thus it falls to you to choose suitable anime movies and manga series according to the maturity level and interests of your kids.

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