Monday, December 14, 2009

Photo Journal of the Card Making Station at the Family Night of the Boys & Girls Club

Along with other artists from the United Arts Council (UAC), I participated in the Family Night of the local Boys & Girls Club about a week ago, and finally got around compiling this photo journal. I set up the greeting cards making station in 3 picnic tables (2 for coloring the 4 available card templates, and one for decorating them with glitter).
Poster display sleeves came in quite handy for covering the tables, providing a evenly smooth work surface, and securely holding the colored reference sample cards and step-by-step instruction sheets.
The coloring tables were stocked with an assortment of fine and broad tip Crayola washable markers that also included a selection of skin tone colors and some bright colors to expand the expressive range of the sets of classic colors.

Several families worked together on their holiday cards.

The finishing table was stocked with plenty of Crayola glitter pens, glitter shakers, and glue sticks to add some sparkle to the colored cards.

Abby with her display of students' art works. Had the pleasure of help jury the entries a couple of days earlier.
The Beads tables were another popular self-service craft activity available on this evening.

Several families enjoyed making their own holiday twig baskets with David and Sarah.

Miss Niki ran a very popular Clay Bowl Making station.

Kim held a Snowflake Ornament Station were Petri dishes were used quite ingeniously as the support for the paper cut out snowflakes.

Towards the end of the evening, I ended up doing several cartoon portraits and speed sketches of dragons and mermaids upon request which proved fairly popular (though did not manage to take any shots of that, for I still have to figure out a way to draw and photograph myself at the same time).

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