Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Photo Journal of the Card Making Station at the Family Night of the Boys & Girls Club - Parkside Elementary Edition

Continuing the Family Night events for the Boys and Girls Club in cooperation with the United Arts Council, dad helped me set up the Holiday Card Making stations at Parkside Elementary on this evening.
As a bonus creative activity, we had a selection of coloring and sketching worksheets set up behind the sample cards display.

The full-size poster sleeves proved quite useful again in defining the work stations and facilitating clean up of the glitter station.
We had a pretty good attendance to for the Family Night student performances and arts and crafts activities.

Student coloring one of the dragon bonus sketching worksheets.
The microphone came in quite handy to provide instructions clearly in English and Spanish at the beginning of the card making activities.

Students and their parents working together on their holiday cards.

Students coloring their holiday cards.

The glitter station always seems to be a pretty big hit with the students, but I try to limit its use to events held in areas that are easier to clean up or contain like the cafeteria or outdoor venues. The experience of taking the card-making station down a second time in as many weeks convinced me to find a better way to store and manage the Crayola markers rather than continue to keep them separate in their original cardboard boxes. The latter is an exercise in futility, for it consumes a couple of hours just trying to reassemble the different color palettes in their respective boxes. Next event I will keep all of the markers in an extended tray or dedicated storage tub.

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