Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cartooning Class Photo Journal

4th grade students enjoyed tracing some of the reference colored samples and coloring them with markers. An effective exercise for developing eye-hand coordination.

4 grader with her colored tracing project.
4 grader with his stegosaurus pterodactyl monster hybrid. Drawn freehand with a pencil, inked with Sharpie Pen, and colored with Crayola markers.

Fifth graders with their freehand drawn dinosaurs using some of the reference toys available.
Freehand drawing of the wooden iguana manikin.

Drawings based on a Bakugan action figures.

Did some quick cartoon portraits with pencil, that some fifth graders inked with Sharpie pens and started coloring with Crayola markers.
Sixth grader with another freehand drawn dinosaur using a plastic toy as a model.

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