Friday, February 12, 2010

Don't forget to bring some art supplies and coloring/worksheets to family gatherings

"Have art supplies, will travel", it's kind of the mindset I had when packing for two back-to-back birthday dinners. That way we could make the most of the quiet times with the children in the family.

Family gatherings often provide plenty of creative and learning opportunities. Coloring and sketching activities can easily be shared by different generations.
Good thing I brought the coloring sheets and markers to the restaurant, for it kept the group of nephews and nieces (ranging from 4 years old to teens) entertained and occupied as the adults finished their meals.
We had some sheets of coloring trading cards.
Single cards were easier to complete for the younger kids. Though care must be taken to protect the surface below from stray markers.

Reference coloring sheet and freehand drawing after it done by a 10 year old niece. Her current level of dexterity indicated that she was ready to make effective use of a Sakura Pigma Sensei Manga Drawing set that is typically recommended for 13 year old students.
Quite content with her manga-style portrait.
One of my older nieces drawing her favorite subject.
Pokemon sketches.
Examining the reference dragon manikin. This wooden model is an engaging teaching tool that appeals to many kids, both boys and girls.A Dry Erase board is quite convenient for some fun doodling as a group.Getting some inspiration flipping through my reference teaching binder.

Some colored trading card sheets.
Just finished coloring her fairy outline with some markers.
A couple more of finished colored sheets.
These last two were done by a 10 year old.
Following the example of her older cousins.
Quick cartoon portrait drawn while the kids were coloring their projects.
This was the only cartoon portrait that was drawn with Prismacolor and Copic Sketch markers, for it takes longer to complete them.
By the end of the evening, managed to make time to draw one last cartoon portrait.

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