Saturday, February 6, 2010

Nuts About The von Liebig Family Day

We had lovely weather for the family day, and lots of families with their kids in attendance. In addition to the custom souvenir cartoon portraits of last year, we had some hand out sheets of the manga-style coloring cards and markers for the kids that wanted to color on site. Most took a couple home. Since I was not able to talk as much while drawing, I also had a stack of Artscool brochures and cards with the dates of my Manga Cartooning classes for this coming summer: June 21-25 & July 19-23 1-4 pm.
Since I pretty much sketched non-stop for 4 hours straight (noon to 4:15 pm), I was only able to take a photo of the last two kids that sat together for their cartoon portrait. The twins got one of the two straight renditions of the day, for everybody else was was drawn by request or artist's choice as either a ninja, mermaid, butterfly girl/fairy, dragon rider, robot rider, samurai girl, ice queen, and winged girl. Getting a good sampling of the character types I should include in my drawing handbook for future classes and events. In practical terms regarding the tools used during this speed sketching event, I relied mainly on two Sakura Pigma Sensei 06 pens that ended up fairly dry by the 3 hour mark. Then I switched briefly to my Worther Shorty 3.15 mm leadholder and a Staedtler Mars Technico 780 2 mm leadholder, but their marks were a tad too light since they were both loaded with HB leads. Managed to finish the event alternating my Pigma 06 pens with two Dixon Markette markers. The later are a popular choice for caricaturists, for their sturdy nibs and juicy ink flow. Yet for my normal sketching speed, they tend to get a tad dry before I could finished a stroke and are not as suitable for rendering fine detail in the letter size card stock we were using. While I did not keep an accurate account, I might have drawn about 80 quick sketches judging by how much paper stock was left in the pack. It was a lot of fun, I need to find more opportunities to do this more often.


Gentian said...

Wow 80 drawings that is really great! Glad it was a productive and eventful day :)

B2-kun said...

Thanks! Partially I just love doing quick cartoon sketches, and some of the younger kids really couldn't stand still for long. Thus it was more a matter of getting a quick impression of their likeness and adding a fantasy costume or companion beast in 2-3 minutes each.