Friday, April 30, 2010

Never too early to start drawing with leadholders and fine sketching tools

Mateo, my 2-year old nephew, trying out my trusty 3.15 mm Worther Shorty leadholder.
Worther Shorty + Moleskine Pocket Sketchbook = one efficient sketching kit. Even for toddlers!
Should I draw with my right hand?
Hmm, or is it better when using my left hand?
Trying out my travel set of Uni watercolor pencils.
Or lefty? Time will tell.
Trying out a 0.7 mm Pentel Graph Gear mechanical pencil on a pocket Moleskine sketchbook.
Figuring it out how the 3.15 mm graphite lead loads into the Worther Shorty leadholder. I find that with close supervision, most of my young nephews and nieces can safely enjoy the opportunity of trying out artist grade and grown-up sketching tools.

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