Sunday, May 2, 2010

Crayola Hassle Free Watercolors set review

This Crayola Hassle Free Watercolors set was my latest find in the dollar bin of a local Office Depot store.
Since its color palette includes 3 primary colors and 3 secondary colors, this set could easily be used to illustrate basic color theory and the effective use of complementary colors.
Sample color chart and demo doodle on 90 lb Canson watercolor paper. Colors are fairly bright and transparent allowing for some gradual build-up of a painting. The two included white watercolor pens feel just like regular brush nib markers. The tray set is well designed and truly mess-free, for the solid paint pots would not spill even when shaken upside down. Colors can be mixed by simply dipping the marker in two pots, just make sure to start with the lighter color first to prevent its contamination with the darker hue.
When switching colors, the brush markers can be cleaned simply by rolling them on the pre-moistened cleaning pad which is also reversible. It really only takes a couple of seconds to load the marker brush nib with color. While keeping it in the paint pot longer results in a more intense color, it will also make it harder to clean completely before switching to another color.
The set required minimal cleaning as advertised. After cleaning the markers on the pad, I also ran them under the faucet to remove all traces of color after this review test was completed. The cleaning pad also rinsed clean quickly with just regular tap water. Recommended for younger kids and as a good amusement option while traveling by car or airplane given its mess-free nature.

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