Sunday, May 2, 2010

A few Moleskine pencil doodles

It is usually a good idea to keep a small sketchbook and pencil with you at all times, for you never know when you might have a few free minutes that could be productively spent making some drawings or writing some thoughts down.
Sandbox at the playground inspired this straight cartoon portrait drawn while sitting on the edge of the sandbox.
Trip to the Zoo
inspired "Tato Keeper of Mutant Bees".
Dragon ninja in training
inspired "Tato meets his Dragon avatar". A pocket Moleskine sketchbook is the ideal size to take along on all sorts of outings and make quick notes, record stray thoughts, and sketch some doodles for later use. If I do not have much warning or carrying space on a given day, I simply stuff the Moleskine with my Worther Shorty or Staedtler leadholder in one of my pockets before going out.

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