Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Prismacolor Premier Portrait Set of 24 Colored Pencils Review

Got this Prismacolor Premier Portrait Set of 24 colored pencils on clearance for under 10 bucks at a store closing a while back but did not get around to reviewing until now.
Color chart drawn on Global Art Flexi-Sketch sketchbook. The pencils have a fairly smooth lay down, but they also have a tendency to crumble a bit. It was necessary to brush off the lead debris several times while drawing these color chart. If using the pencils at home on a flat surface, the plastic trays that they are packaged in are an adequate storage option.
If you plan to use them on the go in a field sketching kit, it would probably be more practical to transfer them to a pencil wrap where each pencil is secured individually in its own elastic loop and the whole set can be kept chromatically arranged under any working conditions.
This Prismacolor Portrait Set is a handy selection of colored pencils for drawing and coloring faces. Leads are soft and creamy, but they can also be easily damaged if the pencils are dropped on the floor. The light umber pencil in this set was probably damaged during transport. Its lead kept breaking off after repeated sharpening attempts with different sharpener models (electric and handheld). At least I was able to sharpen it with a utility knife saving about 50% of its original length. Most of my Prismacolor pencil sets have had a couple of duds with extremely brittle leads that rendered entire pencils unusable. Yet they are often easy to replace since many stores carry this brand in open stock. They are worth trying if found on sale or at clearance prices.


Anonymous said...

a tip for the broken lead- putting them in a microwave for fifteen seconds remelts the "lead" inside and will fix the insides:) hope this helped

B2-kun said...

Thanks for the tip!