Monday, September 13, 2010

2-Day RCMA Dragon Mural Project Photo Journal

The United Arts Council of Collier County sent out the call, and local volunteer artists came together to paint a Dragon Mural in two days for RCMA Community School in Immokalee, FL From our initial conversations, we soon realized that it was our first time for several of us tackling a mural project.
While keeping an eye on a nearby thunderstorm, the team managed to primed and traced the main dragon outlines on Sunday night.
We had to fill the holes on the walls right before painting them.
Getting the painting supplies ready on Monday morning.
Terri Wegman painting the Day Dragon wall.
Heidi Saletko and Cesar Aguilera working on the Night Dragon wall.
Patti Smith painting the Day Dragon's eye. From photographs the walls seemed taller, and it was hard to accurately judge the proportions of the walls to be painted. Thus the large dragons designed by Cesar ended up with a lot of empty space on either side of the wall. So baby dragons were hastily added to balance the composition of both walls.
Me finishing up a purple baby dragon.
During recess. it was great to hear how much the students and staff were enjoying the new art in their courtyard. Several of them were students that had attended my holiday cards and cartooning classes the last school year and were quite excited about the possibility of continuing their lessons later on.
Baby dragon close-up shots.
Finished Night Dragon wall.
Finished Day Dragon wall.
All done! This UAC mural project sure was fun with such a great group of volunteer artists. Working with latex paint was an interesting experience since it was my first time using it. Cesar mentioned that its consistency and handling made it ideal for creating Pollock-style drip paints.

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