Monday, December 27, 2010

Caricature Practice and Drawing Lessons over X-mas family gatherings

Found that the holidays presented a lot of opportunities to get some caricature drawing practice done and to share some of my core sketching kits and newly acquired drawing tools with the kids.
Having an adult hold the baby improves the chances of capturing a likeness when drawing very young kids.
Stephanie was quite happy with her caricature.
Manga-style caricature of Uncle Roque drawn with a 5.6 mm Cretacolor Nero lead.
Since Cuti just returned from an African safari.
Caro being so fond of the Assassins Brotherhood games made the theme easy.
Camila coloring the back cover of her Moche Notebook.
Getting some drawing practice before midnight.
Clipboards allowed drawing and coloring activities almost anywhere.
The girls did a couple of colored drawings with Faber Castell Albrecht Durer watercolor pencils.
Doodling with my new Pilot Croquis 6B leadholder.
Camila's juggling clown drawing.
Sketching some coloring outlines.
Coloring with Albrecht Durer watercolor pencils used dry.
The kids managed to create quite a few drawings during the holiday gatherings.
Santa and Elf drawings done by Nicole as she followed my step-by-step demo.
Boris also got into the drawing activities with his gator and dinosaur battle entries.
Remember to always bring your art supplies to family gatherings, so the kids can get a chance to try some new sketching and drawing tools and get some drawing practice in a pressure-free fun environment.

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