Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day at the Naples Zoo

Learned quite a few facts about giraffes, took tons of photo references at the Naples Zoo, and had quite a pleasant day with family. All in all a Sunday well-spent. Zoo visits can provide tons of opportunities for improving your animal sketching skills and gathering plenty of photo reference material at the same time. The small Moleskine sketchbook is just the right size to carry around for taking a few visual notes during such outings.The leopards provided some exciting action shots.Malayan tiger awaiting a treat at the Meet the Keeper show.Keeper getting close and personal with a gator during feeding time.Well-fed Florida panther. One of the best features of this zoo, is how close visitors can get to the animals and the glass viewing areas that allow for some picture taking without the wire net in front of them.Lion getting a meat treat from his keeper.

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