Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Good Bye Borders - Perhaps time to Stock Up on Sketchbooks and Paperchase Stationery

I knew from an e-mail that the Borders store in Naples was closing shortly after the company announced they were filing for bankruptcy last month, but I was a bit surprised to discover that their store in Ft. Myers was also closing. So much for hoping that they would be able to reorganize and keep at least one store open in the area. Thus I got the loot above in a bit of an impulse considering that this source of sketchbooks and pencils will probably not be around much longer.
Ok so maybe I didn't need that many new sketchbooks, but with the passing of this chain there are now fewer sources of value priced sketchbooks available locally. Whatever stock I don't get around to using personally will make fine presents for relatives or prizes on any of my drawing classes.
Got a few 8.5" X 5" Pentalic Classic hardbound sketchbooks from the bargain section that were further discounted with an extra 20% off. They feature 220 pages of 70 lb (114 gsm) paper in a pretty sturdy and portable format.
Embossed brand on the back.
Open flat.Mechanical pencils test page.Test page with sketching fountain pens and Kuretake No. 13 brush fountain pen.
If you enjoy using Paperchase pencils, you might want to get a few sets to save for later use. I don't know of any other outlet for them in the USA other than Borders.
Eraser toppers pyramid. When they look this adorable, I supposed their erasing performance is unimportant.
these festive pencils will become prizes for some students in my cartooning classes.
The black and natural finish pencil sets were manufactured in Korea.
Freshly sharpened and ready for some doodling.
I suspect that most remaining sketchbooks and stationery items should prove quite sufficient for sketching and keeping visual journals. I asked the clerk, and they do not have a set date for the complete closing of the stores. Guess it will depend on how long it takes them to sell off all their discounted merchandise (currently between 20-40% off throughout the stores in Naples and Ft. Myers). Yet ultimately there will not be a single Borders store left in SW Florida, so you might want to stock up on some sketching supplies while they are still around.

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