Monday, February 21, 2011

Spending quality "Art" time with Mateo

Have been spending some quality time and sharing a few art materials with my nephew Mateo.
Following tradition, I lent my nephew one of my watercolor kits: the Sakura Koi Pocket Field Sketch Box.
With a bit of guidance hand over hand and a trusty waterbrush we managed to sketch a simple landscape on his first visual journal.
While I had originally planned on giving him a larger first sketchbook, this compact journal proved quite practical and portable.Thus using waterproof pens, I drew a few coloring outlines and partial doodles to create a custom coloring and doodling book for Mateo.Dry watercolor pencil stage. Actually colored a few samples on the initial pages at his request. After blending the dry pencil marks with a waterbrush. Actually it was quite simple to create a sturdy custom activity book for a toddler out of the 3.5" X 5" Strathmore Visual Journal loaded with 140 lb (300 gsm) watercolor sheets. Just take a look at this video to browse through the pages of the journal shown above.
Quite happy with his first set of Faber Castell watercolor crayons.
Coloring on his new Kumon Let's Color! activity book.
Dexterity test: doodling with both hands at the same time.
Trying out his new set of Crayola brush pens.
Grandma helping restore the ink flow on a Crayola triangular brush pen.
Already sharing his over-size Taro Gomi doodling book with the little girl next door.
Baby brother might still be too little to join in on the coloring fun, but give him time and I'm pretty sure he'll soon join the rank of budding artists featured in this blog.

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