Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Spring Break to Students and Fellow Teachers!

This week we concluded the Cartoon Sketching courses at two Elementary schools (3rd through 6th grade groups) as part of the Miracle Plus program for the United Arts Council. One of the students slipped the nice note above with the pile of completed quizzes and surveys.
Once we got the final paperwork out of the way.
Students had a selection of sketching and coloring worksheets and a few reference sheets to choose from for the remaining of their class periods.
Those who chose to exercise their creativity were encouraged to come up with original drawings of their own.Discovered that a pretty effective way of ensuring that all the students wrote their first and last name in their quizzes was to use the completed tickets to choose some random prizes (like Silly Bandz packs, mechanical pencils, and drawing pens to keep practicing).
Students that created original drawings also received some sketching pen prizes.
Also drew as many cartoon portraits as I could on the last day of class, and the students seemed quite happy with their souvenirs. Keep sketching and practicing guys!

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