Friday, May 27, 2011

Daler Rowney Simply Oil Pastels Set of 25 Quick Test

Searching for alternative coloring art materials for upcoming kids' summer art camp classes, decided to try a set of 25 Daler-Rowney Simply Oil Pastels found at a local big box retailer.
Color chart drawn on white card stock and a couple test doodles. Compared to colored pencils and fine point markers, oil pastels can cover the same area with bright color more quickly and can even be partially blended on the paper given their softness. Yet I found it harder to draw fine details with them, for they really lend themselves for a more expressionistic approach.
These oil pastels felt fairly smooth, delivered color quickly, and could be partially blended into each other. They crumbled more than wax crayons but they could be layered on top of each other a bit more easily even on smooth card stock. Would probably be a good idea to have a sink nearby or at least a tub of cleaning wipes to keep potential messes at bay. While messier than my usual choice of classroom art supplies, I think I will add a few oil pastels boxes to the pool of coloring tool options for my upcoming summer art camp classes.

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