Saturday, May 28, 2011

More Cartoon Portraits drawn at Costco for the Children's Miracle Network

Thanks Sandee for taking the picture shown above last Saturday, for I often tend to forget to take a picture of myself in action once I get a rhythm going at a given event. Today I spent a few more hours at the Naples Costco continuing the fund raising efforts for the Children's Miracle Network 2011 campaign.
Missed the "Pirate Crew" by a half an hour on account of rain. Thus had to set up by my lonesome to a slow start given the reduced crowds. Not surprisingly people do not seem to go out to shop much in the rain. The first few cartoon portraits were drawn from family photographs that associates had on hand.Drew two versions of Ava: one using the smaller 0.6 mm Sakura Pigma Sensei pen that allows for depiction of finer detail. Incidentally this was the version preferred by her father.
Drawn with a Sakura Pigma Sensei 1.0 mm marker pen. The thicker line strokes seem to give this version a cleaner cartoon look that also appealed to the following guest that also requested another Princess portrait.
Not surprisingly, "Princess" and "Butterfly Fairy" portraits were particular popular with the girls.
Requests from boys: rockstar, ninja, pirate, and dragon knight. You may view most of the cartoon portraits drawn today in my Flickr photostream: photo 1 through photo 15.
The only adult guest that modeled for her cartoon portrait today was also one of the top CMN fund raiser associates. Seemed quite appropriate.
Despite the rain, we still manage to raise some funds for a worthy cause. The number of guests willing to sit for 5 minutes to get their portrait drawn picked up quite a bit towards closing time. Might be able to make it to Costco for a few hours tomorrow afternoon in case you might want to get a couple of cartoon portraits drawn while supporting the Children's Miracle Network 2011 campaign.

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