Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pirates at Costco - Fundraising for the Children's Miracle Network 2011 Campaign

Spent much of the afternoon raising funds for the Children's Miracle Network at the Naples Costco with this jolly group of pirates. Thanks for a very amusing afternoon guys. I think the team up was pretty successful since we managed to collect over $400 for such a good cause.
Oversize portrait of pirate couple #1: Jenn & Lee.
Amanda & Chris.
Oversize portrait of pirate couple #2.
Individual portraits of the Costco Pirates drawn as warm up for the day.

Many guests followed the trend set by the pirate troupe and asked to be drawn as pirates themselves.
In addition to the usual mermaids, fairies, and ninjas, we also had a few original requests. Judging form the remaining bags and boards (I started with 48, and had only 7 by the end of the day) used to package each finished cartoon portrait for their trip home, I probably drew 31 letter size cartoon portraits and 2 oversize portraits of the pirate couples between 11:50 am and 4:30 pm.
Siblings' cartoon portrait. This was Ryan's second sitting for the day. His reaction to his first cartoon portrait was priceless. Sadly none of us were ready with our cameras to capture that moment.
This young model could not make up his mind, so we ended up going with Alien -Hunter Wizard cartoon portrait.
This request from a teenage girl was a first: Medusa cartoon portrait.
Rabbit hunter. Plus it is the Chinese Year of the Rabbit. If there is enough interest, we might try a repeat performance this coming weekend.

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