Saturday, May 21, 2011

RoseArt Color Blanks and Sharpie Permanent Markers Rainy Day Fun

Found this forgotten carded set of 24 Sharpie Permanent Markers while cleaning out some old boxes, so spent some time doodling with them this evening.
Naturally had to try doodling a dragon on the included canvas bag.
Might used this custom decorated canvas bag as a prize in one of the cartooning classes.
Got this RoseArt Color Blanks 2-pack on clearance at Target, and thought that it would be a fun project to customize them with the set of 24 Sharpie Permanent Markers
Considered briefly to make a ninja in the planning stages, but ended up laying down the coloring outlines for a dual-headed monster instead.
Found the included mini permanent markers to be rather dull, so used mostly the Sharpie permanent markers to decorate the first Color Blank figurine.
"Altered Beast" head and rear view.
Pretty happy with the "Creature of the Black Lagoon". Fun activity for a rainy day. Just take adequate precautions to protect furniture from the permanent inks. Recommended.

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Anonymous said...

I love these things!!! I found the holiday editions (a pumpkin and a ghost) and they are great!!