Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lighting for My Caricature Station: Ott-Lite TrueColor Clip-On Lamp

Searching for a lighting solution for my table easel used for drawing caricatures at events, I tried an inexpensive college clip on lamp from a big box retailer, but it soon proved to be inadequate.
Th adjustable flexible neck of this value lamp was rather weak and tended to sag blocking the view of the work surface.
This is the solution I found on sale at the local Jo-Ann store: the OttLite TrueColor Clip-on Lamp.Clear advantages of this Ott-Lite lamp: more streamlined profile is less obtrusive, and its sturdier flexible neck holds the angle of the light source steady where you want it.
Attached to the table next to the easel, it can provide adequate lighting both for the work surface and illuminating a sitting model at the same time.
Quite versatile choice for tight spaces with its adjustable flexible neck and portable enough for event sketching kit.
It worked quite well last night at a caricature drawing event to provide adequate lighting for my clip board and the models later in the evening. Still will have to test the durability of the plastic clip in the months to come, but its inital performance was quite satisfactory. Might be worth trying if found on sale or at online retail prices.

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