Monday, June 27, 2011

Drawing Cartoon Panda Characters and Sketching page completed with Crayola Super Tips Washable Markers

These are the Cartoon Panda reference sheet and sketching page template that I will be using in the Summer Art Camp in Immokalee this Friday.
The Panda Team sketching pages will be distributed to groups of kinders and second graders. Students will be instructed to create the background and add any additional characters using their imagination. On the board, the instructor will demonstrate basic cartoon figure construction and possible design elements that could be included in the activity sheet like: bamboo grove, castle, temple, pine forest, mountain, pagoda, torii gate, etc.
I believe one of the better values for kids' coloring tools can be found in the 50-pack of Crayola Super Tips Washable Markers. Their fine tips lend themselves well for sketching with the fine point and coloring quickly with their broad side. Noticed that the last batch of sets I got at Target were actually made in Italy.
Finished colored sample. Now go make some more Cartoon Panda Team adventures on some blank sheets of paper or folded mini comic with your trusty markers or other favorite coloring tools.


Zmrokosław said...

Maybe I'm childish, but those markers look awesome to me xD I think young drawing maniacs will enjoy colouring with them, because Crayola markers are usually smooth and their thin shape makes them comfortable to hold in little hands.

B2-kun said...

As far as I am concerned these Crayola markers are great doodling and coloring fun for everybody. The fact that they are washable and value-priced have made them the logical choice for many of my classes.