Monday, June 27, 2011

The Write Dudes Wooden Pencils Spotlight

The second batch of samples I received from Mega Brands also included some wooden pencils: one pack was clearly designed for girls given their glitter-covered barrels with spiral motifs decorations, and the other fun pack was obviously meant for boys given their racing car designs. Both packs were made in China.
Sample doodle on Maruman Croquis sketchbook. The graphite lead was smooth, slow wearing, and closer to your average H grade in darkness.
The sparkling wooden pencils equipped with the Fashion Grips for a wider more comfortable grip during long note-taking sessions.
For school age boys, this Wooden Pencil Fun Pack would make a nice classroom prize. It included a couple of racing car erasers and matching sharpener. The sharpener did a fair job initially cutting the wood away, but its blade broke and snapped off the graphite lead a couple of times before I decided to sharpen the whole lot with my trusty Classroom Friendly crank sharpener. The erasers worked well enough for making writing corrections, but left a faint blue hue on the erased area. thus I would recommend using a dedicated white plastic block eraser for making corrections while drawing with the racing pencils. Both varieties of wooden pencils featured functional erasers on their end caps, whimsical designs tailored to each gender, and strong smooth-writing graphite leads that were also adequate for sketching. Worth trying for school use.

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