Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mega Brands The Write Dudes Smooth Sticks Dry Gel Highlighters Review

We finally got to the last item from the first batch of Mega Brands samples: a carded pack with four Smooth Sticks Gel Highlighters that I decided to test on a handy Maruman Croquis Sketchbook.
The blue gel highlighter crayon fully extended. The tip length can be adjusted by simply twisting the end cap just like a twistable crayon.
Their smooth feel also reminded me of crayons, but they laid down some brightly colored translucent swatches quite effortlessly. The pink and blue ones crumbled a bit, but they were easily cleaned off the paper. These Smooth Sticks gel highlighters should prove useful to students that highlight their textbooks and study materials. For doodling and paper crafts, they would make fine "lightsabers", "laser blasts", and "explosion" highlights. Recommended as a fun addition for a kid's sketching kit.

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