Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mega Brands The Write Dudes Super Gel Metallic ink pens and SRX Color Sharp Metallic permanent markers Review

Continuing the review of the Mega Brands samples I received recently, I tested The Write Dudes Super Gel Metallic ink pens and SRX Color Sharp Metallic permanent markers on a Maruman Croquis sketchbook, a Cachet sketchbook with black sheets of paper, and sheets of 67 lb toned card stock. Both metallic ink products were made in China according to their labels. Full photo coverage can be viewed in my Flickr photostream: photo 1 through photo 11.
The Super Gel Metallic ink pens were pretty smooth with their 1.2 mm tips and glided effortlessly on all the 3 supports tested. Their bright colors remained strong on the white and light brown toned papers. On the black paper, all the colors seemed to disappear leaving just silver marks on the dark background. They would make for adequate sketching tools, but they are probably best suited for making greeting cards and adding decorative touches to other paper crafts.
The SRX Color Sharp Metallic permanent markers might resemble Sharpies but thankfully without their chemical solvent smell. Their nibs laid down rather broad line strokes smoothly and quickly, so they would be quite handy when making signs and posters. Both the metallic gel pens and SRX permanent markers would work nicely for decorating paper craft projects and greeting cards. I plan to add these two metallic sets to the pool of optional art materials used in my Cartoon Sketching classes to test their durability and gauge the students reactions to them.


Mrs. Ott's Art Room said...

I use the metallic markers with my kids a lot in the classroom setting. They don't last SUPER long, but all in all the kids LOVE them!

B2-kun said...

Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

Do they smudge?
Metallic gel pens seem to dry very slowly and smudge after a long drying period.

B2-kun said...

Sorry, I can't further test samples that I no longer have in my possession. Yet, I would say that gel pens performance will vary with paper support and weather. Generally speaking, they are worth experimenting with more for the experience than for their longevity.