Thursday, July 14, 2011

ARTScool Cartoon Sketching Week 4 - Photo Gallery

Just sharing a peek at the works in progress (WIP) and sketches from my students in the 4th week of ARTSCool at The von Liebig Art Center summer art camp.

Inking and coloring exercise on a pencil sketch drawn on my last flight back to Florida. Actually managed to complete a couple of dozen penciled images in the 2-hour flight for the students to ink on their first Cartoon Sketching session.
Pencil sketch skillfully drawn from a reference image.
Sketch that won the first mini contest of the week for its originality and loosely inspired by Xevoz Iron Spectre. The prize: a Sharpie decorated canvas bag.
Couple of adorable puppy sketches in the whimsical style of Sachiko Umoto.
A couple of pretty accurate sketches drawn from observing Xevoz model kits.

Class entries for the Coffee Label Art Contest.
Gallery of student works a day before the last day of this summer art class. It has been an honor working with you guys. Really hope you do keep practicing your sketching and drawing skills in your sketchbooks during the rest of the summer and beyond!

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