Thursday, May 24, 2012

Crayola Color Sticks Quick coloring Test

Got a box of 12 Crayola Color Sticks to try as a possible coloring tool for upcoming kids' art camps this summer.  While making a sample color chart on card stock, found these woodless colored pencils to be fairly opaque and stronger than crayons.  They are pretty hard, so they resist breakage well.  The pentagonal shape of their barrels can be used to lay down broad areas of color, and the corners can be used to draw linear strokes.  Despite lacking the precision and control of a well-sharpened conventional colored pencil, they can be used quite effectively for broad color applications and to quickly color some paper crafts like the pop-up castle prototype shown above.  Will add them to our classroom supply pool since I expect colored pencil fans will enjoy playing with them.

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