Thursday, May 24, 2012

SoHo Urban watercolor quick coloring Test

As I evaluate possible coloring art materials for my summer art camps,  I decided to test a few of Jerry's value-priced SoHo Urban watercolors that retail for about $2.50 for a 7 ml tube since their pigment load appeared high and their dry swatches looked pretty bright and saturated on the store shelves.  While the quinacridone red flowed reasonably well for this dragon doodles fresh out of the tube with the addition of a few drops of water, the yellow ochre and raw sienna paints took a lot more effort to dissolve into usable washes that did not flow very well with just water.  The freshly squeezed ochre paint in particular tended to clump into globs instead of dissolving into a smooth wash.  Found that the yellows and earth colors that I had planned to use to paint skin tones on manga-style faces required multiple strokes to spread across the paper resulting in a rather splotchy finish.  I suspect their handling properties could be improved with the addition of some watercolor mediums.  Yet since I need hassle-free and responsive materials that will not create a mess in the drama/dance classroom which I will be sharing with the theater department, I decided not to use the SoHo paint tubes for now.  I think that PanPastels might prove easier to handle and more effective for coloring skin colors without requiring as much tinkering or clean up as liquid paints.

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